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First Nations

Within The Environmental Impact Nursery® (TEIN) we have 6 investment themes, 3 selection criteria and a Critical Litmus Test. 

We bring these together via our proprietary methodology to identify high conviction ideas, invest-ability and evergreen timeframes.

We then create environmental impact products for institutional investors.

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Environmental Markets & Services = Market Based Solutions

Asset Recovery & Recycling = Circular economy

Remediation & Management of Natural Capital = Environmental stability

Clean Technology & Efficiency = Clean planet

Agribusiness & Natural Capital = Regenerative economy

Education & Media = Generational change


Integrity is our competitive advantage and underpins everything we do!

We understand that deep-tech is the best enabler, but always ask "Just because we can, should we?"

Our core business is Market Based Solutions, which funds our passion of Environmental Stability. The other four themes help us achieve our goals in these two main areas. We also assess every potential investment against the nine planetary boundaries.

We're on track to meeting our goal of driving >US$1bn per annum into Environmental Stability, via our products, by 2025. This will help close the $70 trillion impact gap.

First Nations Peoples Globally 

Market Based Solutions is our core business and our financial engine.


We have developed a unique market based solution model where we use forms of natural capital to fund a local TEIN.

We use a defined form of natural capital (gold deposit, forest, water catchment, etc) to develop a suite of natural capital based investment products. This can include minerals, carbon, biodiversity, water, ecosystem services, etc

Our Jersey based managed fund brings in investors to acquire all the investment products within that product group.

This model is especially relevant for lifting the standard of living for First Nations Peoples in remote areas.

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"Opportunities multiply as they are seized" Sun Tzu

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