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Natural Capital, Systems Change and Investment Alpha - presentation


Based on the deep knowledge within Limits to Growth, Planetary Boundaries, First Nations Law and Religious Dogma and utilising the tools of financial, ecological and behavioural economics, we present a new operating model to drive global systems change.

After 12 years of research and development, we posit that the core issue facing the planet are the values that drive the capitalist and political systems and more specifically shareholder primacy.

We demonstrate how we can use greed, selfishness and apathy against itself to drive cultural change from within. Change that culminates in mainstreaming a new model for the health and wellbeing of all species on Earth, including humanity.

For us, the "holy grail" is to generate investment alpha while driving systems change for the stewardship of natural capital.

This is not just theory. We also introduce three new operating businesses that are driving systems change and deep impact on a scale not seen since man decided to walk on the Moon.


During the 2023 Earth4All Action Week we'll hold several zoom presentations introducing our model as described above.

Go to our Connect page, fill in your details and hit submit and we'll send details of zoom presentations (for your time zone) in mid-October once we understand numbers and locations.

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